December 4, 2020 I hope you are all keeping safe in well during these strange times.

Andrew has been busy finishing a couple of classical commissions - one a piece for 2 trumpets and piano, dedicated to his friend John Wallace, and about to be recorded with him, and the other a commission from Craig Roberts, who has commissioned several works from Andrew in the past - this time he has asked for a short suite for his brass band (The Lewis Merthyr Band - one of the oldest brass bands in Wales - founded in 1855) using music from Andrew’s score for the film “Ladyhawke”. Additionally he has been organising parts for a CD of his music for brass, which is about to be made by the Wallace Collection. The first sessions will take place in St. Andrews in Scotland in early December, with the Wallace Collection quintet and a young Scottish-based quintet called Solstice, who will be conducted by John Wallace, playing Andrew’s work “Ritual”, for double brass quintet, which was premiered in St Andrews last November by The Wallace Collection and Copenhagen Chamber Brass. Futher sessions will include Andrew’s work “To A Walrus”, dedicated to John, “Variations Towards a Theme”, for two trumpets and live electronics, and “Within Those Radiances…”, which was last performed in King’s College Chapel in Cambridge by the Wallace Collection with Andrew and Kirsten Powell.

He has been talking with David Paton about restarting work on the album which they were working on together, which was paused a few weeks ago because of the release of David’s new solo album 2020, which involved him in a lot of work, and Andrew’s classical work, described above.