This is the section of the site where you will find videos, photos, and mp3s of Andrew's work. Please keep checking back as we wil continue to update this section. For now, we thought we would start with some video clips by Racoon, Wouter Van Belle, and Kate Bush.


Racoon - Last year, Andrew wrote 10 arrangements for the Dutch group Racoon which were recorded in Abbey Road Studios recording the arrangements with the London Chamber Orchestra. The album, Liverpool Rain (produced by Wouter Van Belle) was released in May 2011 and went straight to number 2 on top of the Dutch charts. Below are some clips from the band during the making of the album at Abbey Road which include Andrew conducting the London Chamber Orchestra. You can visit the Racoon YouTube channel to view the official video for the first single from the album, No Mercy, that has been in the Dutch charts since its release earlier this spring by clicking here. You can find out more about Racoon by visiting there website by clicking here.

  Liverpool Rain


Wouter Van Belle - A fan of Andrew's orchestral work with Kate Bush, Cockney Rebel, Pilot, and The Alan Parsons Project, producer, composer, and musician Wouter Van Belle approached Andrew in 2002 to write the arrangements for his solo project Wow and Flutter (released in 2005). This began a longstanding relationship with Andrew, Wouter and the London Chamber Orchestra who Andrew had been working with since 1988.

Below you will find some clips on the making of Wow and Flutter. To the right, you can view a video produced by Wouter for the track Pacific (with arrangements by Andrew) from the album. The Original footage comes from "Pacific 231" a short movie by Jean Mitry, released in 1949. Wouter edited the original content and wrote a new soundtrack. You can find out more about Wouter Van Belle and this project by clicking here.


Kate Bush - Below you can see Kate performing (with Andrew) at the 1978 Tokyo Music Festival. Andrew and Kate went to Japan..... as well as the official video to Kate's first and best selling single Wuthering Heights.