May 24, 2015 Andrew has now finished work on one of the two albums which we mentioned in the last news up-date. It's the first solo album by a singer called Jules Knight, whose career in music started at the age of 7 when he was chosen as a chorister for the choir at Winchester Cathedral: he was also a member of the vocal harmony group Blake, for whom Andrew has produced 2 albums. For the past 2 years Jules has been one of the main stars of the BBC TV hospital drama "Holby City." The tracks were recorded at Peter Gabriel's studio Real World in the Wiltshire countryside - all recorded live (which is most unusual these days - but which Andrew feels gets more musical results) with Jules singing, Stuart Elliott on drums, David Paton on Bass guitar and acoustic guitars, Tim Renwick on guitars, and Andrew on keyboards. The orchestra was added later at Angel studios in London, and the album was mixed by Jon Kelly at JK Music in London. The album was released on 20th April, and is called "Change of Heart." As soon as he finished mixing this album, Andrew was off to Paris to spend a week working at IRCAM, the experimental electronic music research centre set up by Pierre Boulez.