August 16, 2018

Andrew has been waiting for some time to be able to announce this: his score for the Daniel Petrie film “Rocket Gibraltar” (featuring Burt Lancaster, Macauley Culkin (who was then aged 6), Bill Pullman, Kevin Spacey, Sinead Cusack among others) is going to be released on Intrada Records (, a specialist film soundtrack company. Andrew started working on this a couple of years ago, when he was approached by film music fan extraordinaire Peter Hackman via this website to ask if he would be interested in a release of the soundtrack. Fortunately, he had safety copies of all of the music, although some of the tapes had to be “baked” before it was safe to play them. The score was edited in his home studio by Andrew and Kirsten, and the running order assembled - with several bonus tracks which don’t appear in the film. It was released on 26th June.

Another film soundtrack is due to be released on August 27, 2018 - “Here We Go Again, Rubinot!” - the film which Andrew scored last year for the Italian director Giuliano Tomassacci. Andrew wrote all of the music and played all of the instruments. There are several bonus tracks, all recorded, mixed and mastered in the Powells’ home studio. the female vocal parts were sung by the Italian singer Susanna Buffa in a studio in Rome, with Andrew watching the event on Skype. This is to be released by Kronos Records, another film soundtrack specialist company and is available for pre-order at their website. Andrew and Kirsten have also been working on a new CD with the distinguished Belgian producer Wouter van Belle, with whom Andrew has worked on several projects.This is a really interesting record, with a breadth of different styles and approaches. Again most of the overdubs were done in the Powell studio. We hope to have more news about this shortly.

Andrew is also still working on a couple of projects with David Pack - WAV files being sent back and fore from Wales to the Napa Valley on a regular basis! Progress is being made, if slowly....