September 27, 2013: Andrew has been working on a revival with Tom Arnold and Philip Wilson (helping to re-write the script, changing and re-orchestrating the music, and adding some new songs) to a musical called The Dancing Years written in 1939 by the renowned Welsh composer, playwright (and Hollywood actor) Ivor Novello. Andrew, together with Tom and the director Philip have done a 2 week workshop at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff with their new version, and are currently fine-tuning it as a result of the workshop. The process has been funded by the Millennium Centre and the Arts Council of Wales.
Ivor Novello
Philip Wilson
Andrew has also been back at Abbey Road studios with the Belgian singer-songwriter Flip Kowlier, who Andrew thinks could be the next Jacques Brel, doing overdubs on 11 tracks for his new album, provisionally entitled Cirque. He used the strings of the London Chamber Orchestra for 2 of the sessions, and the City of Cambridge Brass Band for the other. The Racoon single Oceaan is still in the Dutch charts, its 46th week there, and their album The Singles Collection has now been on the charts there for 27 weeks.
Andrew has been busy doing radio (BBC) and press interviews for the album Full Circle, which was released on 16th September. Last year Andrew finished work on this album he made with Adrian Munsey, an old friend from his Cambridge days - whom he hadn't seen since the mid-1970s until the beginning of 2011. The tracks were all recorded at Abbey Road, Studio 2, with the Philharmonia Orchestra, and mixed at British Grove, Studio 2 (Mark Knopfler's studio) a studio he now loves, partly because of its API Legacy desk. Everything was recorded on analogue multi-track, and mixed onto analogue half-inch tape. The album was released on CD, and also on vinyl (with several bonus tracks.) The CD and the vinyl versions were both mastered at Abbey Road - the vinyl on their DMM lathe.
MAY 4th: Andrew wrote 10 arrangements for the Dutch band Racoon's Liverpool Rain album (produced by Wouter Van Belle) that were recorded in Abbey Road. The band continues to enjoy chart success. Racoon's latest single "Oceaan" which peaked at no. 6 remains in the top 20 in the Dutch charts for its 26th week on the singles chart, the "Liverpool Rain" album is at 16 - its 104th week on the charts, and their new album "Singles Collection", containing 6 tracks which Andrew arranged, which went into the Dutch charts at number 1, is currently at number 3, its 7th week on the chart.
  Steve Harley Human Menagerie  
Steve Harley
Symphony Hall

Photos by
Jas Sansi

Steve Harley and his band performed Cockney Rebel's first two albums (The Human Menagerie and The Psychomodo) in their entirety last November for a concert with full orchestra and choir in Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England. Andrew had always been proud of the work he did on these albums and was delighted when Steve Harley phoned him to let him know he was planning to do a concert with choir and orchestra, performing the 1st album in part one, and the 2nd in part 2. He asked Andrew if he wanted to be involved - Andrew thinks he said "yes please" within 3 seconds.
Steve and Andrew spent some time going through the songs which didn't have orchestra or choir on them originally, and decided to beef most of them up with orchestra. It took some time to re-work the original scores (which, luckily, Andrew still had) for the smaller line-up which they were using for the concert. They also needed to work out concert endings for the tracks which faded out on the originals... The concert, which was sold out months before the day, was conducted by Andrew, who described it as a joy: a wonderfully receptive audience and the orchestra - and the band - rose to the occasion, as did Steve, who was on great form. They are hoping to repeat the experience this year – Andrew is really looking forward to it.

The new album by Blake - "Start Over" - was released in the U.K. on February 11th. Andrew has produced and arranged 5 tracks on the album - 3 new songs by Diane Warren ("I Wanna Take All Night", "Don't Make Me Live Without You", & "What Is My Heart To Do",) and two others - a version of the Eagles classic "Desperado", and a cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love". The album is due for release in the New Year in Australia, China, Japan, and other Far East territories: we are still waiting for a date for the U.S. release.