September 28, 2014: Andrew was back in Abbey Road Studios early in July to record The Philharmonia Orchestra on 10 tracks for the new album by the Dutch group Racoon. Their last album, The Singles Collection, is now in its 78th week in the Dutch charts. Andrew will be recording choir in Belgium shortly, and a release date will be announced soon after that. Andrew has since then been in the studio producing the new album by Blake, with Jon Kelly engineering, which also features members of the Philharmonia Orchestra. The album, called "In Harmony", is due to be released on 20th October.
Andrew has just returned from conducting the orchestra and brass band for the opening night's concert of the Gent Festival in Belgium, with the singer-songwriter Flip Kowlier. It was a spectacular scene on a floating stage in the River Lei - with spectators on both banks of the river and on boats in front of the stage. Photos by Lut Laureys.