March 22, 2020 The current world health situation is having a huge effect on our musical life.

Andrew was supposed to conduct the orchestra at a special awards ceremony in Belgium produced by Radio 2 at which his friend Wouter van Belle was to be given a lifetime achievement award. There would be performances by several of the artists with whom both Wouter and Andrew have worked: Flip Kowlier, Helmut Lotti, Klaas Delrue (from the group Yevgueni). Andrew had written new arrangements for each of the artists to suit the different line-up of the radio orchestra. The event, which was due to happen on Thursday 19th March, has been postponed, provisionally for 2 months.

Another performance has also had to be postponed: the American première of Andrew’s work for double brass quintet “Ritual (in memoriam Trevor Reginald King, R.A.F.V.R.)” was to have taken place on the 14th April at the Provincetown Playhouse, University of New York, New York, performed by the joint forces of The Wallace Collection and Manhattan Brass. This has now been postponed, and will be re-scheduled for the period 27th May - 1st June 2021 - same performers, same venue. This work premièred in St. Andrews in November and went really well - excellent musicians, beautifully conducted by John Wallace, and a great audience response. Andrew and Kirsten spent a couple of days in Edinburgh after the St. Andrews performance, and spent some very enjoyable time with David and Mary Paton. There are plans afoot to start writing some songs together… On an unrelated note, as noted in our last news update, Andrew did arrangements for the album "Lost in Time" released last fall by the new Belgian artist Geike. The album went straight into the Belgian charts at no. 3 upon release.

Additionally the performance of Andrew’s work “Plasmogeny II” for trumpet, live electronics and tape which was scheduled to take place on 25th April at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland has been postponed as well. It was to have been part of the opening concert for the Music Faculty’s new building - specifically taking place in the new concert hall dedicated to the performance of live electronic music. It would have been played by Bede Williams, with Andrew doing the live electronics, and his wife Kirsten the sound projection. We don’t have a date for the re-sceduled performance as yet, but will put it up here as soon as we know.

So, in the absence of concerts to perform, Andrew is concentrating on writing and recording in his home studio. He has been recording some new piano music which he’s written over the past couple of years, and is also working on several ideas for tracks with David Paton, which is hugely enjoyable. They have worked together for decades, but never before tried to write together. Further details to follow as the work progresses.