Andrew has now finished work on the new album he has been making with Adrian Munsey, an old friend from his Cambridge days - whom he hadn't seen since the mid-1970s until the beginning of 2011. The tracks were all recorded at Abbey Road, Studio 2, with the Philharmonia Orchestra, and mixed at British Grove, Studio 2 (Mark Knopfler's studio) a studio he now loves, partly because of its API Legacy desk. Everything was recorded on analogue multi-track, and mixed onto analogue half-inch tape. The album will be called Full Circle, and is due for release in late May/early June. It will be released on CD, and also on vinyl (with several bonus tracks.) The CD and the vinyl versions were both mastered at Abbey Road - the vinyl on their DMM lathe. More news on this will follow soon.

Red Lady of Pav
Andrew Powell
Back in late 2010, Andrew wrote 10 arrangements for a Dutch rock group called Racoon. Andrew has been busy re-aranging some of the tracks from Racoon's album Liverpool Rain for a major gig the band will do with orchestra in Amsterdam at the end of March. The album Liverpool Rain is currently no. 8 in the Dutch charts - its 45th week on the Dutch top 100. The band's latest single, Don't Give Up the Fight, is currently #20.