UPDATE-August 21 Andrew has now finished work on the new album he has been making with Adrian Munsey, an old friend from his Cambridge days - whom he hadn't seen since the mid-1970s until the beginning of 2011. The tracks were all recorded at Abbey Road, Studio 2, with the Philharmonia Orchestra, and mixed at British Grove, Studio 2 (Mark Knopfler's studio) a studio he now loves, partly because of its API Legacy desk. Everything was recorded on analogue multi-track, and mixed onto analogue half-inch tape. The album will be called Full Circle and will be released on CD, and also on vinyl (with several bonus tracks.) The CD and the vinyl versions were both mastered at Abbey Road - the vinyl on their DMM lathe. The release date for the "Full Circle" album has now been set for November.

Red Lady of Pav
Andrew is in the studio (British Grove) early in June with "Racoon" - recording the orchestra parts for the end title song for a new film. Their album "Liverpool Rain" went to number one this week in the Dutch charts - its 57th week on the charts there. He has also just reached an agreement with Steve Harley to re-work the arrangements from the first two "Cockney Rebel" albums (The Human Menagerie and The Psychomodo) for a scaled down orchestra for a concert at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK in November with Steve and his group plus an orchestra and choir where both albums will be performed in their entirety. Andrew will also conduct the concert - which has already sold out. He will also be writing orchestral parts to some of the songs which originally didn't have orchestra.

Andrew is currently in the studio producing some tracks for the vocal group "Blake." He is working with several old friends: most of the work is being done at Jon Kelly's studio (with Jon engineering,) and the rhythm section consists of Mike Moran (piano & organ,) Tim Renwick (guitars,) Stuart Elliott (drums & percussion,) and Andrew is playing bass himself. The Philharmonia Orchestra will also be involved. This album is also due for release in November. He is still working on the large number of arrangements for the Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel concert in November, and on a major theatrical project for the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff - more details later in the year.